Medical Bill Review

Medical Bill Review

In light of the current economic business environment, it is critically important to ensure that medical bills are processed accurately and effectively, especially when it comes to conserving worker's compensation dollars. TQ Consultants' computer-assisted system puts needed information into your hands; information that can help you determine how much to pay for medical bills.


Our Medical Bill Review Specialists will identify duplicate charges, unbundling and upcoding errors, excessive treatment, and over-utilization. There is one key element that makes our billing review process different from the competition - the savvy individuals behind the computers.


340 TQ Consultants does more than just process data, we analyze it!  Quality assurance is important to us so we have hired a team of registered nurses, with extensive coding and billing experience, to assist in the medical bill review process to ensure maximum cost savings for you!.

In addition, our most complex bills are reviewed by our registered nurses as standard practice as well. We want to be part of your cost control team, and that's why our service doesn't stop with just a simple explanation of your bill review.


TQ Consultants will respond to any questions you, the customer, or the provider may have. We want you to understand every aspect of our recommendations and we want to effectively resolve any issues that may arise.


We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of current technology that will  maximize the efficiency of processing your medical bills; helping to save you money. As a result, we provide Electronic Data Interface (EDI). This will allow the customer to seamlessly transmit batch files of medical bills electronically, ensuring a quicker turnaround.


Here are some of the ways we help you manage compensation dollars and ensure quality reviews:



  • We review medical bills for compliance with all state fee schedules or usual and customary guidelines.
  • We handle your claim from start to finish. If we need more information on a claim, we make the telephone calls and track down the you don't have to!
  • We update our database monthly, giving you the latest information on coding and payment guidelines.
  • We retain computerized information, so that you have access to historical data, that will provide you with a complete picture on a claimant's billing history, instead of just a single bill.
  • Our database includes multiple PPO's (preferred provider networks) which offer an opportunity for additional savings.
  • We send you payment reports that are clear and concise...there's no need to interpret a "code."
  • We report savings to you on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.


We promise a 48 hour turnaround and we stick by it! We stand by our reports and will defend our findings and recommendations. We also offer re-evaluations at no additional charge.