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About the Owner

Trudy Quinn is the founder and president of  TQ Consultants LLC located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1992, TQ Consultants is a managed care consulting firm specializing in medical case management and bill review services. The company also specializes in Spanish interpretation and  translation. Ms Quinn's background highly qualifies her for this work. She is  a native of the Republic of Panama with Spanish being her native language. She  arrived in the United States for studies in nursing and obtained an RN from King's  County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Ms Quinn's expertise lies in several  areas of nursing including thoracic surgery, intensive care nursing, oncology,  and home health care.                                                                          

She has worked in the field of  medical case management and cost containment since 1982. She also acquired  extensive utilization review, coding, and cost containment experience while  working for the State of New York Medicaid program and St. Luke's Hospital in  Houston in the 1970s and early 1980s, respectively. This training lead her to  Intracorp, a division of Cigna Corporation, and then Conservco, a division of  The Traveler's, serving on committees that developed and marketed hospital bill  audit services for the insurance industry.                                                                          

Ms. Quinn worked for  Intracorp for 15 years in various capacities in the Southwest Region  and was later promoted to national product manager for auditing services and  transferred to their home office in Wayne, PA. She was later hired by Conservco  to assist in the development of national guidelines for auditing and training of  staff. In this capacity, she reported to the  company president. Ms. Quinn has been a guest speaker at the national conference of the American Association of Physical  Therapists and has been invited to speak at many regional conferences  sponsored by Intracorp in the area of billing and coding irregularities  and bill review guidelines. 


About TQ Consultants


TQ Consultants has an exceptional reputation in reducing  unnecessary medical treatment as well as assuring that appropriate care is  administered at reasonable costs.  



We will save you time and money!     

TQ Consultants  also specializes in Spanish interpretation services. We pride ourselves are  being a culturally sensitive case management staff and, as a result, will ensure  accurate communication between all parties.         

Our Key Objective:

To provide our clients with superior medical managed care  services with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Committment to You:
>  Superior Customer Satisfaction
> Timely  Responses
> Highest Quality Case Management      Services Available

                                                              TQ  Consultants is a highly successful managed care company located in  Exton, PA. The company was established in 1992 with the mission of  responding to the need for customer-driven quality managed healthcare services.

TQ Consultants was named by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the 100  fastest growing companies in Philadelphia in 1998. We are proud  to say that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as the City  of Philadelphia has certified us as a Woman/Minority Business Enterprise.                                                                                      We are also proud to  offer our customers the services of Spanish speaking professionals with a  knowledge of both case management/cost containment services, as well as the  cultural differences of the Hispanic population. Our staff will assist the Spanish  speaking claimant with understanding their injury/illness and the plan of care  and expected outcomes. This will also  ensure that the concerns of the individual are appropriately communicated to all  parties to ensure a prompt  recovery and return to work. In addition, TQ Consultants offers translation and  interpretation services for a myriad of other languages as well.

We are a company comprised of highly experienced  employees with excellent credentials who are committed to the goals and mission  of the organization. TQ Consultants is proud to say that we have had a long and  mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and, upon request,  we would be happy to share our list of satisfied  customers.