Interpreting/Translating Services

TQ Consultants offers Spanish/English  Interpretation and translation services. We recognize the importance of offering these services to  our clients and have hired Spanish-speaking staff who are both culturally  and linguistically knowledgeable and fluent in both languages.      

    Our interpretation and translation services, also offered in other languages,  are the key to our success. The Spanish-speaking members of our staff speak Spanish as a first language with fluency in English.

For your convenience, we can also assist with your document translation needs.TQ Consultants helps many of our clients who need to communicate with physicians or claimants who have returned to Latin American countries. We understand the cultural differences and our involvement will help in ensuring a positive resolution to all cases. Although we would prefer to have 48 hours notice, in most cases,  we can accommodate same-day requests.

Give our TQ Consultants' bilingual case management team the opportunity to assist you in managing the files of your Spanish speaking bills or any of your foreign language bills.