Our Services

Overview of our Services

  TQ Consultants offers an array of services  in managed care and utilization to meet the  unique needs of  property & casualty and health insurance companies. 


Case Management Services

 Our case management services include: 

  • Telephonic Case Management           
  • Medical On-site Case Management           
  • Catastrophic Case Management 

Vocational Services

Vocational Services  are an integral part of the case management process. Our superior staff are  Masters level and have the appropriate credentials to handle any assignment.  Working in concert with claims personnel and medical case management, the  following vocational services are available: 

Job Analysis           
Transferable skills analysis           
Vocational counseling           
Labor Market Survey           
Job readiness training           
Job development           
Job placement           
Vedo Job Analysis


Medical Bill Review

In light of the current  economic business environment, it is critically important to   ensure that claims are processed accurately and effectively. TQ Consultants' computer-assisted service puts needed information into your hands.

Peer Review/Independent Medical Evaluations

 TQ Consultants has the ability and resources necessary  to facilitate Peer Review Services. This service is delivered by a network of  providers encompassing all appropriate board certified specialties. 

Occupational Health Services

Disability and occupational health case managers at  TQ Consultants utilize their knowledge and expertise to assist small to  medium-sized employers with their healthcare needs. 


 These services include; 

  • Pre-employment health assessments    
  • Drug screening    
  • Surface EMGs    
  • First aid    
  • Blood-borne pathogen training    
  • Pulmonary function testing    
  • Stretching programs-COHT directed    
  • Wellness program development    
  • Medical case management    
  • Bill review services    
  • Supervisor training modules    
  • Background Checks    
  • Child abuse checks 

Translating/Interpreting Services

 TQ Consultants  offers Spanish/English Interpretation and translation services. We recognize  the importance of offering these services to our clients  and have hired Spanish-speaking staff who are both culturally and linguistically  knowledgeable and fluent in both Spanish and English.  We  also offer these services in other languages.