Occupational Health Services

TQ Consultants' disabiity and ccupational health professionals utilize their knowledge and experience  to assist small to medium-sized employers with their healthcare needs. These onsite professionals specialize in  worker's compensation, safety, and occupational health.                          

TQ Consultants will partner with you to develop an early intervention  case management program customized to meet your specific needs. We will also  improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services to employees and applicants. This program will  manage and reduce the costs associated with the new hire process as well as  injuries and illnesses in the workplace.  

Program Benefits:

1. By providing first-aid to injured or ill workers on-site, your employees receive care quickly.

2. You reduce lost production time spent in transport to and from health care facilities.

3. Early intervention programs reduce OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses.

4. Pre-employment health assessments onsite reduce your risk of injuries and illnesses. This will significantly reduce the cost of sending each applicant to an occupational health center. Only employees who fail the health assessment would require further evaluation

5. On-site health care professionals can ensure that employees on modified duty are being monitored and assisted if they are having difficulties with any aspects of the job.

6. Wellness programs promote the overall health of your employees thus lowering insurance costs.

7. Improved relationships with panel providers through case management.

8. Case management will coordinate specialist visits thus bypassing the need for non-specialized occupational health services.

The Disability and occupational health case manager will also be available to you by phone for follow-up on any injuries referred to an outside facility.

This early intervention technique will ensure the case is being managed properly. You and your employees can expect quality care in a prompt cost-effective manner with focus on your employee returning to pre-injury status.

We only require a clean, safe, and private environment for our staff and your employees. Should you decide to enlist our services, we are sure you will immediately reap the benefits of our on-site Occupational Health program. This program demands quality and will be fiscally advantageous to your organization. We look forward to working with you and your team in developing your custom program.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 610-524-1005 or complete our Contact Form for more information.  

Our services include:

  •     Pre-employment health assessments
  •     Drug screening
  •     Surface EMGs
  •     First aid
  •     Blood-borne pathogen training
  •     Pulmonary function testing
  •     Stretching programs-COHT directed
  •     Wellness program development
  •     Medical case management
  •     Bill review services
  •     Supervisor training modules
  •     Background Checks
  •     Child abuse checks